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For the love of dogs

Many of you who have known me for a long time may remember that I used to be afraid of dogs. I mean really afraid, even of small ones. So, what has changed? When I moved back to Jogja, I stayed at a friend’s house for a while, and her son had dogs. One of

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RIP Troy The Senior Chihuaha

Last Sunday (25. Juni 2023), Troy the senior chihuahua crossed the rainbow bridge, reuniting with his mom, Britney, and his dad, Beni. At the age of 11, he was the last of my original pack. Troy had been unwell for nearly a month, with his condition fluctuating. Despite others urging me to let go, I

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Troy, the senior chihuahua

The picture on the left was taken today, as I was writing, as usual he wanted to be near me. The pic on the right was taken a couple of years ago with Britney, his mom. Troy is a senior chihuahua, 11 years old, son of Beni and Britney, both has crossed the rainbow bridge

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