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Many of you who have known me for a long time may remember that I used to be afraid of dogs. I mean really afraid, even of small ones.

So, what has changed?

When I moved back to Jogja, I stayed at a friend’s house for a while, and her son had dogs. One of them was a tiny chihuahua named Beni. While the son was busy with school, Beni spent most of his time in his tiny cage. I felt sorry for him and decided to be brave. I took him out…and the rest is history ๐Ÿ™‚

Just look at his face. Who could say no to Beni the chihuahua? I was devastated when we lost him years ago. It was the first time I had lost a pet, and the grief I felt is indescribable. I still feel sad, but now with a smile, whenever I talk about him.

After getting Beni, we adopted Britney as his mate because I thought he was lonely. What I didn’t know was that Britney was in heat when she came to us. It was the first time I saw dogs mate, and I panicked. I called the vet because I thought Britney was in pain. We tried and tried but couldn’t separate them… Oh my, I was so dumb! So, they had a baby named Troy, and I became the mom of three chihuahuas.

When we first moved to the house, it was surrounded by rice fields with only two or three neighbors. So, we added Stella the Labrador to the mix, you know, as a watchdog. But she turned out to be really lovely to everybody… not much of a watchdog at all ๐Ÿ™‚

They were the OG Pack. We lost Britney at the beginning of the pandemic; she was 11 years old. And then last year, we lost Troy. I was sad, and Stella was too. She passed away a week later. She wasn’t sick, just sad and old (13 years old). So, the OG pack was no more. But the rescued packs are still here… at the moment, 11 dogs and 2 cats. I’ll write about them next time.

Today, I was remembering Beni, Britney, Troy, and Stella… crossing the rainbow bridge and hoping they are happy together again at last.

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