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One of the joys I found in Jogja is Pasar Kranggan. It is a traditional market (pasar) located in the middle of the city that is relatively clean. Situated by Tugu, it is best to go there in the morning, preferably before 9 am, to find fresh and good quality items.

I visit Pasar Kranggan to buy ingredients for my salads, such as bell peppers, lettuce, romaine, herbs, and even kale. The prices there are much cheaper compared to supermarkets, and I often see people from restaurants shopping there as well.

The fish stall at the market will clean and fillet the fish for you. Similarly, the chicken stall can also do filleting. Both the fish and chicken available there are fresh. You can also find beef, free-range chicken (known as “ayam kampung” in Indonesian), and pork (located in front of the fish stall).

In Pasar Kranggan, you can find a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, as well as other essential items such as oil, noodles, and various seasonings (“bumbu-bumbu” in Indonesian). Additionally, you can purchase rice, flour, and almost anything else you might need. It’s worth noting that you can even find cleaning supplies at the market, making it a convenient one-stop destination for various household needs.

After shopping, in front of the market, there are many food vendors offering breakfast and traditional Javanese food. In the afternoon, on the second level of the market, you can find small restaurants that surprisingly serve good food.

Most of the payment at Pasar Kranggan is done in cash, so be prepared. If you are going by car, parking might be a bit difficult in the morning unless you are willing to park a bit further from the market but still along the street.

Pasar Kranggan is open everyday. Enjoy.

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