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When I first moved back to Jogja 12 years ago, it was difficult for me to find bread that I liked. Although I used to bake bread myself, after starting my spa, I didn’t have enough time to continue baking. I bought a breadmaker machine, but the variety of flour options available here was limited, so my search for good bread continued. I’d like to personally recommend some bread options that I find tasty, but please note that these are based on my personal preferences, which may differ from yours. I am not receiving any payment for these recommendations.

I found Kebun Roti at the organic market that used to be held weekly in Mrican. They have good sourdough breads. You can find them in Pasar Kamisan (Community Market – Local Food – Artisan every Thursday, 10:00 – 13:00) and also in Go Food.

Via Via Bakery also have good sourdough bread and is open daily from 7 am.

If you’re interested in homemade bread, I recommend trying Mrs. O’Donoghue’s bread. However, it’s necessary to pre-order, so please check her catalog for details.

Another bread I love is at Mediterranea Restaurant . The Choco Croissant I love!!! They are open daily from 9 am.

Cinema Bakery also have breads but I honestly love the cakes there more than the bread.

Glueck Manamart also provides a variety of bread, but you need to pre-order, and the bread is only available on Tuesdays (correct me if I’m wrong).

If you’re a fan of flatbread, you can pre-order from Mbak Lintang at +62 819-1028-0394. I love her pita bread and hummus.

I hope these recommendations help you find some delicious bread options in Jogja!

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